Client Testimonials

We’ve been more than pleased with the candidates that you’ve sent our way. Each brings a vast array of experience and connections that add to our agency, and equally as important to us is that they are a good fit in terms of character, integrity, and passion to make a difference in the lives of those we serve. They are exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. We could not be more excited!

– Vicki Niedermayer, Chief Executive Officer, Helping Restore Ability


We are exceptionally pleased with both the process and the results of our board member search. Board Member Connect connected us to candidates whose skills and interests well matched our needs, and we are thrilled to have two new and fantastic board members as a result. I would recommend this service to colleagues without hesitation.

– Jennifer Peck, Executive Director, Partnership for Children & Youth


Board Member Connect came to us just as we decided to double the size of our small board. Within a few days, they presented us with eight candidates. So far, we have elected five of them, with two more candidates hopefully joining soon. These are individuals with great skills and connections. It would have been almost impossible to recruit them on our own. I can’t recommend this service enough!

– Jill Gurr, Founder & Executive Director, Create Now


Board Member Connect was a real lifesaver for our organization. We were in desperate need of an infusion of new energy on our Board and we lacked the time or talent to look outside our immediate circles. We are quite pleased with Board Member Connect and it was well worth the investment.

– Terrie Light, Executive Director, Berkeley Food and Housing Project


We used Board Member Connect and found an outstanding board member who quickly jumped in and has added diversity, energy and enthusiasm to our board. It’s someone we likely would not have met without their assistance.”

– Nancy Batterman, CEO, Employment and Community Options


Board Member Connect really works. The team did an outstanding job researching and vetting out potential board members for our fund-raising chapter. Their demeanor and professional approach made it so easy. Within months we had 4 new board members. After our first board meeting with one new member, we were handed a $5,000 check. Another board member secured over $15,000 of new financial support after only 4 months!

We held our Gala and another one brought over $3,000 of auction items, and another purchased a table for $2,500. Of course, we had to do our part in showing them the mission in action and find ways to integrate these new board members into our campaigns, but we have been really pleased with the ROI.  Our success, led other Chapters and our national organization to engage Board Member Connect!

– DW, Executive Director, Back on My Feet, Los Angeles


Board Member Connect truly exceeded our expectations. David was very professional, he communicated with me throughout regarding the needs of our organization. I am still amazed as to how he was able to identify potential board members who had the skill sets, passion and desire to serve on our board. He is truly a matchmaker for nonprofits. All of the candidates David referred are now on our board and they are great.”

– Tenneh Johnson Kemah, Founder/President Child Steps International


As a nonprofit with limited connections, we struggled with finding board members to increase the breadth and capacity of our board. Out of the blue, David Lewis and Board Member Connect reached out with an offer to connect me to the kind of person we couldn’t ever have imagined reaching. I was skeptical, but they came through and we are thrilled to welcome our new board member.

– Ellen Pais, President and CEO, Los Angeles Education Partnership


Board Member Connect was instrumental in finding a non-profit board opportunity for me. I had always wanted to give back but was never sure how to start the process. David reached out, introduced himself, and gave me an oversight on what Board Member Connect could do for me. After a short conversation about my interests, he fielded and provided opportunities for me, presenting me with a choice of three organizations. Ultimately I decided on Los Angeles Education Partnership. The process could not have been easier and the service he provided was fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough!

– Amy Reinhard, President, WW TV Licensing, Paramount Pictures


Board Member Connect did a magnificent job of connecting me with a non-profit that tapped into my passion, and to a board made up of enthusiastic, committed, and fun individuals. Without Board Member Connect, it would have taken an enormous amount of effort and energy to find the right fit. That’s energy wasted that can be put into making a difference.”

– Chris Hubble, CEO, db5


Board Member Connect helped me discover a non-profit that matched my interests personally and professionally. The organization that they introduced me to had Board members with similar backgrounds and a mission that I could believe in.

– Executive Vice President, Universal Pictures


Somehow Board Member Connect was able to make what I consider to be a perfect match. Many thanks for making this connection and for the opportunity to support this very worthy effort.

– Renee Opell, Director, Green Dot Corp.


Board Member Connect connected me with an organization whose mission was a natural fit on a personal and professional level. I was able to dive right in and have an impact in advancing their mission”

– Kahlil Reid, Senior Vice President, BCMS Corp.


I was contacted by Board Member Connect about an opportunity with a nonprofit that was right in my sweet spot, combining my professional background with my passion for helping people through healthy living. Further, David Lewis went the extra mile to connect me with the board of the local chapter in my area. Thank you Board Member Connect!

– Tom Minichiello, SVP and CFO, Westell Technologies

Board Member Connect was a real lifesaver for our organization. We were in desperate need of an infusion of new energy on our Board and we lacked the time or talent to look outside our immediate circles. We are quite pleased with Board Member Connect and it was well worth the investment.

Terrie Light, Executive Director
Berkeley Food and Housing Project