Fee Structure & Pricing Information

Fee Structure

Fees are based on a number of factors — including attributes of board candidates as identified by you. These may include certain industries, specific expertise, diversity, geography and targeted companies.

All of our candidates are strictly high-level executives (C-Suite, Senior, VP, Partner, Director) who meet the attributes you have identified and are screened and interviewed by Board Member Connect professionals.

Your board’s roles, responsibilities and expectations are shared including time commitments and financial obligations. The top candidates are then passed along to begin your organization’s on-boarding process.

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Board Member Connect was a real lifesaver for our organization. We were in desperate need of an infusion of new energy on our Board and we lacked the time or talent to look outside our immediate circles. We are quite pleased with Board Member Connect and it was well worth the investment.

Terrie Light, Executive Director
Berkeley Food and Housing Project