Client Case Study II

Our Client
A Los Angeles based nonprofit that provides services to women, children and families in need of treatment for issues of addiction, domestic violence and mental illness. Their annual budget is $18MM and their board size was ten but three were terming off. They requested we recruit three board members who could give/get at least $5,000 per year and open doors to other funding opportunities.

What They Needed
Our client’s current board was not diverse, both in gender and ethnicity, and did not reflect those they were serving. They requested executives who were highly educated, seasoned in their careers and came from larger companies in Southern California.

What We Accomplished For Them
Board Member Connect conducted a thorough assessment of the organization to intimately understand their mission, programs, vision and strategic direction as well as board needs, time commitment expected of board members, financial requirements, et al. Our staff then identified over 30 candidates who possessed the qualities our client requested, had an interest in serving on a nonprofit board and were attracted to the opportunity. The field was narrowed down to twelve professionals and interviews were held with each. Of those, eight were selected to move on and begin the organization’s board admission process.

The Result
Board Member Connect was able to place on their board four new board members – the Head of Global Diversity for an international wealth management company; the Head of Global Brand Licensing for an entertainment company; and Vice President/General Counsel for a Venture Capital firm; and Senior Vice President of an international investment banking company.

Follow Up
Because of our success in finding high-level board members, the organization engaged us to find an additional five new members.

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