Client Case Study III

Our Client
A San Francisco based national nonprofit that provides literacy programs in 13 major metropolitan cities in the U.S with plans to add significantly more chapters within the next three years. The annual operating budget is $30MM and projects to grow by $7MM each year over the next few years. The executive leadership engaged Board Member Connect to recruit three national board members who could give/get at least $100,000 per year.

What They Needed
The makeup of the board leaned heavily towards academics as their knowledge was leveraged to help build the national curriculum to be used for each chapter across the country. They also had a number of foundation representatives who could access grants for the organization, but didn’t possess deep personal networks. The other major gap was that nearly every one of the national board members came from the Bay Area with little to no representation from each of their 13 chapters across the country.

The organization has plans to significantly grow over the next five years and needed professionals who had extensive experience with high-growth companies and had helped to successfully scale them. They also were looking for executives from a few key cities that were not represented on the national board.

What We Accomplished For Them
Board Member Connect conducted a thorough assessment of the organization to intimately understand their mission, programs, vision and strategic direction as well as board needs, time commitment expected of board members, financial requirements, travel expectations, et al. Our staff then identified 20 candidates who possessed the qualities our client requested, had an interest in serving on a nonprofit board, were geographically located in key cities and were attracted to the opportunity. The field was narrowed down to eight professionals and interviews were held with each. Of those, six were selected to move on and begin the organization’s board admission process.

The Result
Three of our board candidates were voted onto the board. Another two are currently going through the on-boarding process.

Follow Up
As a result of our success in finding high-level executives who agreed to the annual $100,000 give/get, the organization has asked for five total national board members, and plans to add as many as ten additional members in 2016. They have also asked for us to work with one of their local chapters to help find advisory board members with a give/get requirement of $5,000 per year.

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