Nonprofit Board Member Search Services

Finding the right board members for your nonprofit board remains vital to the long-term success of your organization. In many cases, the board member search process can be stressful, time consuming and ineffective. Most nonprofits simply lack the experience, resources and capital to locate a qualified pool of candidates from outside their established network. Board Member Connect’s nonprofit board member recruiting services are simple, effective and affordable — for any size organization across the nation.

Our nonprofit board member recruiting service benefits include:

  • Building a solid organizational foundation through quality board additions
  • Generating new income and revenue
  • Creating fresh and valuable networks to draw from
  • Saving time identifying, cultivating and recruiting new board members
  • Developing qualified candidates

Service Overview

Board Member Connect only places high-level executives (C-suite, Senior, VP, Partner, Director level) on your nonprofit board. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your organization and nonprofit board member recruiting needs. You tell us what attributes are desired of candidates — certain expertise, industries, companies, gender or ethnic diversity.

Board Member Connect will identify individuals interested in serving on a nonprofit board, and who possess the attributes identified by you. We will utilize all available sources to build a comprehensive pool of potential board candidates in which to draw from.

Candidates identified as possible matches will be screened and interviewed by Board Member Connect to determine suitability. They will be made aware of all roles, responsibilities and expectations of your board position including time commitments and financial obligations. The strongest candidates will be passed along to begin your on-boarding process. Board Member Connect will deliver unlimited board candidates until a specific number have been officially voted onto the board.

All of the executives we place have personal capacity to donate, possess deep networks and are passionate about philanthropy. Their give/get ability generally ranges from $5,000 to over $100,000 annually. Click here for pricing.

For more information about our proven nonprofit board member search process, or to start identifying qualified candidates for openings on your nonprofit board, contact us here to get started on the right path today!

As a nonprofit with limited connections, we struggled with finding board members to increase the breadth and capacity of our board. Out of the blue, David Lewis and Board Member Connect reached out with an offer to connect me to the kind of person we couldn’t ever have imagined reaching. I was skeptical, but they came through and we are thrilled to welcome our new board member.

Ellen Pais, President and CEO
Los Angeles Education Partnership