Recruiting Passionate Board Members

Passion is a key ingredient that all board members should possess. Sometimes when recruiting new board members, it’s easy to get caught up in job titles, companies they work for, and how much money a person might be able to give. While these are obviously important for various reasons, passion should be a main attribute you look for in a new board member. Why?

Because passionate board members will:

  • Go the extra mile
  • Make your organization a priority in their busy lives
  • Serve as active ambassadors and advocates on your behalf
  • Make decisions that are well thought out and in the best interest of the organization
  • Become invested in ensuring your organization achieves success
  • Make your job easier and more enjoyable

New board members who have that passion may also reignite current board members who have lost their fire for whatever reason. It will help the veterans get refocused and back to the basics of getting the organization running on all cylinders.

Passion will also expose board members who lack it. Often referred to as ‘dead weight,’ these individuals ultimately become a drain on the CEO, Executive Director and other board members who spend time trying to engage and inspire these individuals to make the organization a priority.

At Board Member Connect, we pride ourselves on finding candidates who are passionate about our clients’ mission. It remains our most important check box when conducting interviews.

In fact, it’s our very first question, “What about this organization makes you want to serve on the board?” If a candidate can’t answer this question with a heartfelt and genuine response, they don’t move on in the process.

Passion is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Is passion your top priority when identifying new board members?