About Board Member Connect

With over 30 years of collective nonprofit experience, Board Member Connect’s nonprofit board member recruiting firm knows that attracting and placing top-level professionals remains a key component to ensuring your organization’s long-term success.

Our experienced board recruitment specialists have the unique ability to fill open non profit board seats with high-level executives who are passionate about your mission — and possess the exact attributes that match your organization’s goals. Whether you are looking for professionals who possess certain skills, come from a specific industry or company or add diversity to the current board makeup — we can deliver.

In addition to providing quality board candidates that are unattainable to most organizations, our service helps strengthen your foundation. Adding the right nonprofit board members will generate new income, open doors to high value networks and save valuable time that can be redirected into other areas of your organization.

For more information about Board Member Connect’s successful nonprofit board recruiting service, please contact us here to see how we can help you add high-level board members.

Board Member Connect was a real lifesaver for our organization. We were in desperate need of an infusion of new energy on our Board and we lacked the time or talent to look outside our immediate circles. We are quite pleased with Board Member Connect and it was well worth the investment.

Terrie Light, Executive Director
Berkeley Food and Housing Project