Nonprofit Board Recruitment: We Find Your Fit

The right board members for your nonprofit board do so much more than fill a seat. They transform your organization. We can help you find those high level, game-changing leaders to join your board through our unique nonprofit board recruitment approach.


Benefits of using a nonprofit board recruiter


With decades of nonprofit experience, Board Member Connect pinpoints senior-level board members who add genuine value to your organization. All candidates we bring forward to you are at the partner, chief executive, senior or director level within their corporations. They are often known and respected leaders within their industry and their community. And they understand the unique nuances and complexity of serving on a nonprofit board.

Our board search services

Executive Service

Built for nonprofits looking for high-level executives, we find potential board members that match your unique needs. Our team works with you to identify your ideal candidate. We introduce them to your organization’s mission and board member expectations. By the time you meet them, they are fully-vetted and have an understanding of their role as a board member. Contact us for a personalized Executive Service plan.

Our nonprofit board search process

We get to know our candidates so we can hand select and tailor the right fit specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Whether it’s diversity in background or experience, or specific talents or skill sets you’re looking for, we thoughtfully match your unique needs with the right board members.


What makes us unique?

  1. We have an extensive network of executive level candidates in multiple cities throughout the country.
  2. We focus on inclusion and ensure there is balance among board members – offering diverse backgrounds, talents, experience and skills.
  3. We do this every day. Our focus is very specific, so you don’t have to take time away from your business to engage in a lengthy board search process.
  4. We rise above the competition in relationship building.
  5. We have a passion for collaboration and promise to deliver a revitalized energy and engagement, supporting your vision for your board.


The bottom line is Board Member Connect’s nonprofit board search services are effective and add great value to nonprofits across the country because we are connected to a talented and diverse pool of executives.

Service and solutions for your board search


Tapped network. Long to-do list. Wrong candidates. Put your challenges associated with finding that right board member aside!


Our services deliver your ideal candidate. With our Executive Service, every organization we work with relies on and can count on a customized, targeted approach to finding the right senior-level, experienced executives to join their board.


Whether your nonprofit board search is for one or ten new members, we get to know you and your organization. Our thoughtful, goal-focused approach drives us to help you build a board balanced with diverse skills and talents resulting in a visionary and like-minded team sitting at the board room table.


Our approach and decades of experience has a proven, near-perfect success rate of placing talented, transformational board members.


Let us begin your nonprofit board recruitment process.