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Share your team’s expertise in nonprofit board positions

Have you ever considered taking the success your corporation has generated and sharing it with a nonprofit to help transform their organization? Do you want to grow the networks of your leaders and executives, while also further developing their professional skills? Do you want to give them the enjoyment of helping a mission they are passionate about?

At Board Member Connect, we take an innovative and targeted approach to pairing your employees with a board of directors placement. By getting to know them, their experience, talents, skills and interests, we connect them with the right nonprofit board opportunity – positioning them for a high-level of success and contribution. It’s all about finding the right fit!

A valuable investment of time: The benefits of board service

We all have individual passions or causes we care about. And many of us seek a sense of purpose with a drive to give back. While we may love the day-to-day career path we’re on, it may not be centered around that “change the world” desire to make a difference. This is where the benefits of board service, especially in the nonprofit sector come into play.

Consider the transformational power of serving on a nonprofit board of directors:

  1. Guide the organization’s strategy, culture, sustainability and financial stewardship.
  2. Provide visionary insight and oversight.
  3. Be an advocate to advance the nonprofit’s mission.
  4. Ensure prudent use of all assets including reputation as a respected community partner.
  5. Keep the nonprofit on track with ethical, regulatory and legal compliance.
  6. Steer the organization toward a sustainable future.

Corporate Clients

Benefits of using a recruiter for your board of directors placement

With decades of experience, Board Member Connect has partnerships with nonprofits across the country needing the right board members who bring genuine value to their organization.

Our services match your executives and emerging leaders with available board opportunities in the nonprofit organization that’s right for them. Every candidate we serve relies on our customized, targeted approach to finding a mutual alignment of needs and interests for their board of directors placement and experience.

Our thoughtful, goal-focused approach drives us to help you serve with purpose and passion, while you lend your diverse skills and talents, by placing you in the same board room with other visionary, like-minded people.

The choice is yours: Offering options for nonprofit board positions

At Board Member Connect, we partner with corporations to match up nonprofit board member positions for their executives and employees. We know our nonprofit partners and get to know those interested in serving. Then, we hand select the potential board member with the needs of the nonprofit organization. Whether it’s diversity in background or experience, or specific talents or skillsets you bring to the board room table, we thoughtfully match your unique interests with opportunities for your nonprofit board service.

What makes us unique?

  1. We have an extensive network of nonprofit board positions in multiple cities throughout the country.
  2. We foster an atmosphere of collaboration and learning by creating boards that are balanced with diverse backgrounds, talents, experience and skills.
  3. We do this every day. Our network allows us to match desires to serve with the right board member positions to weigh the options

Training nonprofit board members

In addition to matching corporate teams with nonprofit board openings, Board Member Connect can help prepare your team for their new roles.

Learn the importance of a board to a nonprofit, types of boards, responsibilities associated with various board roles and committees, effective collaboration between the board and nonprofit staff, the value of a diverse and inclusive board and some of the more common rewards and challenges of board service.In addition, you will be able to assess your readiness to serve on a board.

This certificate program, co-developed with, is designed for nonprofit board members, anyone aspiring to be on a nonprofit board or for anyone who wants to learn more about nonprofit boards.

Nonprofit board member essentials curriculum overview

It is compromised of three courses:

COURSE 1: Introduction to Nonprofit Boards

COURSE 2: Operating Effectively

COURSE 3: Determining Board Effectiveness


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The bottom line is Board Member Connect’s nonprofit board search services are effective and strive to ensure any placement on a board is the right fit for your team and the organization. Your success is our success. We care about your corporation and the nonprofits we serve.

Let us find the nonprofit board positions your employees can embrace.