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We all have our individual beliefs, values and causes held close to heart. It makes us unique and who we are as a contributing member of society. Imagine taking that perspective you’ve cultivated over the years and, at a very high level, make an impact that means something to you – a place where you can feel a sense of personal pride.

At Board Member Connect, it’s not just any board positions. It’s about the RIGHT nonprofit board positions. It’s about aligning your interests, experience and talents with the specific needs of our partnering nonprofit. It’s our mission to make sure everyone sitting at the board room table has the chance to lend their expertise, while receiving personal fulfillment.

Why serving in nonprofit board positions is a good investment

Nonprofit board service is time well-spent. Beyond learning from your fellow board members, you’ll pick up skills tied to the nuances of nonprofit. And, by serving in one of their board positions, you’ll get a look behind the evolving curtain of the nonprofit. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to grow your network.

You’ve been learning, gathering data and cultivating your talents your whole life to take one or two of the 3 million unfilled nonprofit seats that slips by annually. Imagine being a pivotal member of a like-minded team providing visionary insight.

Most of all, you’ll be one of a board of advocates to lead an organization’s strategy, culture, sustainability and financial stewardship.

Board Member Connect presents you with opportunities others can’t

We’ve been around for decades and have relationships with nonprofit organizations across the country, large and small, needing the right board members. Being right doesn’t mean just filling a seat. It means filling a nonprofit board position that is right for you and for them. We foster collaboration balanced with diversity in experience, backgrounds, skills and talents.

We realize that your success is important to our relationship with the organizations we serve. This is why we take a focused approach to making sure your interests are aligned with the vacant nonprofit board positions, so you can serve with a strong sense of purpose and passion.

The bottom line is Board Member Connect’s nonprofit board search services are effective and we strive to ensure your placement on a board is the right fit for you and for the organization. Your success is our success. We care about you and the nonprofits we serve.

Let us find the board member positions you can get excited about.


Our approach and decades of experience has a proven, near-perfect success rate of placing talented, transformational board members – and no doubt, you are one of them! Fill out the candidate profile below and let us present the board positions that fit you.


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