Client Case Study III

Our Client A San Francisco based national nonprofit that provides literacy programs in 13 major metropolitan cities in the U.S with plans to add significantly more chapters within the next three years. The annual operating budget is $30MM and projects to grow by $7MM each year over the next few years. The executive leadership engaged […]

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Client Case Study II

Our Client A Los Angeles based nonprofit that provides services to women, children and families in need of treatment for issues of addiction, domestic violence and mental illness. Their annual budget is $18MM and their board size was ten but three were terming off. They requested we recruit three board members who could give/get at […]

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Client Case Study I

Our Client A Philadelphia based national nonprofit that provides assistance to the homeless across eleven major metropolitan cities in the United States. Each chapter has an advisory board with a sole purpose of raising money. The Los Angeles chapter engaged Board Member Connect to recruit three board members who could donate or raise at least $7,200 per year and open doors to other […]

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